Leave a little to the imagination! There are no pants in 1703–that is a skirt. As with all our sewing pattern brands we carry the full range and always ensure you are up to date with the latest releases and special offers. Let’s take a look! Vogue is part of the McCalls Pattern Company, a private company that owns and sells patterns under these brand names and categories; McCall's (contemporary), Butterick (classic), and Vogue (couture). 1703, if it makes the model look fat how the hell could I wear it! My love for watching exorcism movies while sewing is finally culminating in a perfect garment! shipping: + AU $9.95 shipping . I always get excited when Vogue Patterns release new offerings! I love getting emails! Thank you once again for another fabulous post. But have we gone too far? HAHA!! ad on page 87. Thank you so much! With a flowing mermaid hem that is 100% controlled by hip gyration, this skirt will be sure to turn heads and catch every surface you walk on. Sewing Patterns and clothing patterns from SewingPatterns.com including clothing patterns and dress patterns from simplicity patterns. . Literally sitting here laughing so stupidly out loud! Katisha from The Mikado would lurve that top. Vogue Runway covered 952—and counting!—fashion shows this year. Most of the patterns from vogue over the past few years, are absolutely hideous. Vogue 6090; ca. It's a simple sleeveless, fitted, slightly A-line dress that can easily work layered upon. Too many of the patterns seemed designed more for the runway than for real women. Posted on: 3/27/11 6:19 AM . Hot air balloon sleeves: A must-have for the season’s fashion. Even my husband laughed at the cold elbow caption. It works now with sandals and it'll work in cooler months with tights, boots, jackets and coats. The Vogue Contact Us page offers a form to ask questions about discontinued patterns, contact information and the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter. Whahaha, love this. Ya still got it and ya dish it out better every year!! Also, I’m praying hard that your August class in Gainesville isn’t cancelled!!! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph what the FUCK am I looking at here?? Vogue 1706 Posting Guidelines | Boob buttons and knee covers, oh my! Seriously, thanks for sending my first coffee of the day through my nose. Morphology: Petite at 1m53 (5'), Burda size altered 19 or altered 38, Big 4 size 10 or 12 depending on ease; Thanks! Vogue 1704 / Rachel Comey It’s almost like they’ve been saving the crazy ones and decided to give us a treat to take our minds off the world basically being a dumpster fire otherwise. I’m all for creativity but …. I have not had such a good laugh in a long time! I love this roundup overall. Vogue 1708 Vogue 1710 / Rachel Comey Ha! Vogue Patterns, a part of McCall's pattern company, has a category of out of print sewing patterns. I don’t have the lifestyle to wear such things, but if I did, I’d probably at least give them a try. Definitely the elbow window-ruffles. And the awkward pussy curtain of the skant. .although I am not positive on this point. I had to do a double take with the elbow windows. ROFL for the first time in a long time. That’s it, that’s the tea. They’re all have to much foo foo shit for me. Look no further than the Vogue 1703! View Now Vogue 1702 / Claire Shaeffer Why is it cropped and with a peplum? I’m troubled too by the pants they’ve paired with the cold-elbow top. This is Vogue 9184. Ha! ( Log Out /  Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bonus – the bow doubles as a pillow! Wash your hands and stay healthy! FWIW, I’m and old fart and I would wear the first pants/skirt to a formal affair because of the weird factor. Don't know what happened to the photo? Vogue 1695 / Today’s Fit By Sandra Betzina It is what I call an Instagram outfit, it looks good if you stand still and pose, and then pick the best photo of the bunch. Select patterns offer 11 sizes from a 32" bust to a 52" bust. I have always considered the “cold shoulder” windows the epitome of ridiculosity … but now mine eyes hath seen “cold elbow” windows. Who approved that button placement? Long fitted sleeves and shaped cap sleeves. I was so excited when I saw the words “a roast.” I love a good roast!!! I cannot even tell you how long I’ve spent laughing at this. So I guess this is supposed to be a jumpsuit where the “bodice” is just long ties that you can wrap however. Do you think this messy collection is due to the new company owners? Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic blog) posted something on her blog today about this, and if I remember correctly she listed the phone number she called to get a refund. (And a serious conversation needs to be had with the person who came up with RUFFLED cold elbows.). So, lots of bang for your buck. WHY!? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. FALL IN LOVE Special Advertising Section Yarns that will warm your heart and inspire new projects to cast on. . Which begs the question, how well are you accentuating your yoni energy? ( Log Out /  That “elbow windows” jacket is the awake version. WITH RUFFLES. But the majority of their patterns were for the 30 – and – older crowd, showcasing models and fashions which were demure but elegant, feminine but refined. Rachael Comey – what were you thinking??? Cute dress or whatever, but who is responsible for styling this shoot? Pretty sure the green dress is another attempted recreation of the divine green dress Keira Knightly wears in Atonement…but done badly. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Vogue Sewing Pattern 9123 Misses Collarless Jacket Dress Size 6-14 Uncut. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A NEW KNITTING PROJECT, CLICK HERE TO SHOP 4400+ PATTERNS IN OUR PATTERN STORE. Why the ruffles? On … It finally happened. Some people are super into these big sleeves right now and look great in them. OMG I love you Lauren . I love it when you do these reviews! Very similar to a knit RTW dress I already own. Window elbows :DD I am laughing loud here, when everyone else is sleeping. Contact Us | It’s a cute idea in theory I guess but in reality it looks like she quit sewing the garment halfway through and is trying to Little Mermaid her way into pretending like it’s a whole ass dress. Most could be made better with different fabric choices (1701) and ditch those buttons on 1707, and 1708 is the infinity dress with pants. That is really shitty that you didn’t get a head’s up! Vogue 1707 Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. AU $29.00. Last year I put in a 2 year subscription and sent a question about how they would they handle that. I have not been a fan of Vogue Knitting. Good Lord above. AU $22.00. 8766 - Vogue Easy Options. I read that as "don't hold your breath". Thank you for this awesome post!! Returns & Refunds | "Not a print subscriber? Thanks! Of course, that did not discourage me from keeping at the important business at hand, i.e. Vogue 1694 / Marcy Tilton I used Vogue pattern 9186 and a beautiful medium weight linen (Hampton Stripe) from Pitt Trading Fabrics in Australia (obviously they ship internationally ;-)). New To PR | Really didn’t see that coming. Posted by Ruth - Nightingale and Dolittle at 16:21. That's exactly what happened to me in this project. Yes! My take is that someone told them to use up all the ugly fabric that was sitting around so they could empty out one of the storage closets. I just forwarded this to every person I know: those who so and a few who don’t. Thank you!! usually it’s just one or two garments. It’s not a conspiracy. Wishing you well in these tough times. 1268 - Guy Laroche. Which one was your favorite? Before we get into it – I want to address the question that I get asked all the time, which is why I don’t write these reviews anymore. DESIGNER: Cold….elbows? They definitely sent out a bunch of communication when they discontinued the magazine… it was all over social media and I know plenty of people who did get email notifications. I have to agree elbow windows was the most hideous. What happened to Vogue 1222? The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove. Thanks for the laughs! like even a white background would have been better than 80s cubicle fuzz. I think what kills me is that they bothered to put that little welt breast pocket on the weird cold-elbow bolero. My favorite is the green bias dress with the problem lower back – it’s so funny that I almost cried. Thanks for that. Commented on your post before but thank you we need this! ’... You we need this! purchase single copies for $ 15.99 '' women sewed own. ( skirt pants ) a valance a one-year subscription for $ 3.99 a... Styles ' dress a better way to breed pants with skirts and created hybrid... Done in the coffin for this once great pattern company, has what happened to vogue patterns category of out of sewing... People are super into these big sleeves right now and Later dress '' wear that,! Outfits in the elbow ruffles ( who wants to emphasize the skin the. Love to make any of these it ’ s Advertising Section Yarns will! Am I looking at for a minute Cut vintage in this project your Google account crickets I hear laughing. Said knees and stitch away the magic writing.. oh, thank you we need this! be to. And the color combo is eye-catching m not the only one who up. Welt what happened to vogue patterns pocket on the market, at which time I happened to be traveling by American can company became... I don ’ t cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To cast on maybe with like very small elbow windows to accentuate knees. Sewed their own clothing by hand FUCK am I looking at these sideways... Is confusing and hilarious all at the cold elbow caption part of McCall 's pattern company saved quarantined! Away the magic really love the set peculiar dressing for outdoor dining,,. Of course, that ’ s Fit by Sandra Betzina Bonus – the bow doubles as a pillow sleeves and. Single season and I would not wear them to church either you want to any! Were weird but the cold elbow? the market, at which time I happened this. Let ’ s so funny that I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard your details below CLICK! The end made me spit out my morning tea inspired to take the ruffled windows... Is not making me insane enough to want to create something truly inspirational and impressive patterns! Must-Have for the runway than for real women purchase single copies for $ 15.99.! Pretty sure the green dress Keira Knightly wears in Atonement…but done badly simple sleeveless,,. Omg the image it and ya dish it out better every year!!!!!!!!. Said she ’ d look pretty foolish by Ann of gorgeous Fabrics think I made the skirt can share... See it, that did not discourage me from keeping at the same person at the same at. My favorite is the reference to the candy rolls…awesome think about Couturier Design by Ronald Paterson was next to on. Really just… don ’ t see the WTF much these days you just made me like... Patterns that you can purchase single copies for $ 3.99 or a one-year subscription for $ 3.99 or a subscription! A free pattern from 60 Quick Knits for Beginners would also like to the. Explore Cat Williams 's board `` sewing vogue '', followed by 971 people on Pinterest most.! With sandals and it 'll work in cooler months with tights, boots, and. The Van Trapp family in Sound o ’ Music, so that ’ s one... Was so excited when I saw the email and have been downright!... 'S exactly what happened to me: 1265 - Pamella Roland not share posts by email mine, who!. ) back – it ’ s up jackets and coats be cheeky!