While the core cast of Call the Midwife stays the same from week to week, each episode brings in a new collection of guest stars. In 1961, Sister Evangelina temporarily left Nonnatus House for an enclosed order. The cast and crew of Call the Midwife discuss recreating the blanketing white out of Poplar in 1963, from the special effe. In 1960 Sister Evangelina has to have an operation due to illness. In preparation for the show's upcoming ninth season, here's a look at what the characters of Call the Midwife really look like. Set in the 1950s in the deprived Poplar district of London's incredibly poor East End, new nurse Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) accepted a job from what she believed was a small private hospital and instead is an Anglican convent. The cast … They eventually start dating after a long period in which Jenny continues to mourn her loss of Jimmy, but who encourages her to enjoy life and Alec. Who would have guessed that Sister Frances's wimple was hiding Bruccoleri's becoming bangs. Here’s Nurse Barbara’s sad death in season 7 of Call The Midwife explained. After carrying out work on the woman which brings on her labour while he is in theatre, Trixie is forced to deliver the baby with his assistance after the general anaesthetic brings on labour. He was delivered by Sister Evangelina. He aged as the program went on from a small lovable boy to a growing young man. Delia is upset that she can't go with her as support, as she is training to be a midwife. In her St John capacity, she works with Patsy's and Fred's scouts, principally teaching them first aid. Trixie has a much more outgoing disposition than Jenny, but the two share the sense of adventure in their work and become firm friends. Overwork and a misdiagnosis in Series 4 drives him to illness, forcing Shelagh and Patsy to take over the running of the practice. In Series 5 Episode 3 it is revealed that Sister Winifred is missing teaching and takes a temporary job teaching a class replacing one of her patients who was fired due to pregnancy. Jenny convinces Jimmy they are "just friends" and he stops pursuing her. She eventually succeeds on the second attempt. In the 2015 Christmas special, she runs away from the convent after an argument with Sister Evangelina, returning to her childhood home with the belief that everyone should go back to their home, prompted by Barbara's comment that she wasn't allowed back to Liverpool for Christmas. Jane is very shy and does not talk unless it is necessary. By necessity, Sister Julienne conceals an iron fist in a velvet glove, managing both her charges and fellow sisters with a combination of tact, compassion, and no-nonsense advice. She volunteers as a uniformed leader of the local Brownie pack as the Brown Owl of the unit. Originally from Wales, Delia is a very close friend of Patsy's, having worked together in the London Hospital's male surgical ward. In Episode 8, Sister Evangelina passes away following a second stroke. Call the Midwife tonight will see Sister Trixie (played by Helen George) help a … Clip . In one episode, she is shown to remove her veil, take her hair down and take off her glasses, expressing her hidden desire to be free. They later adopt a baby girl called Angela after a struggle with infertility. Her disgust of a young father arrested in a cottaging sting was entirely the result of his infidelity; with whom he cheated was immaterial to her. Miranda Hart, who played Chummy on Call The Midwife, was one of the most hilarious and best loved cast members on the show. Helen George, who plays Trixie, has signed to a U.S. agent. He works closely with the midwives, helping at clinics, deliveries and at the birthing hospital and is incredibly dedicated to his patients and to his work, including fighting bureaucratic red tape to save lives with a tuberculosis x-ray screening van. She left Nonnatus house in Series 8 after finding her new calling at the motherhouse, working with the children at the orphanage. Rate. Camilla "Chummy" Noakes (née Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne). In Series 5 Tom begins seeing Nurse Barbara Gilbert. When a turn of events leads to them delivering a baby, they grow close. Audience Reviews for Call the Midwife: Season 3 Mar 20, 2018 Invisible wounds are the hardest to heal. As Violet runs for election as a councillor, Lucille befriends an elderly woman facing eviction, and Sister Hilda supports a Ghanaian family suffering from a mysterious illness. She is vegetarian and is not scared to put her ideas forward to improve Nonnatus House. Call The Midwife cast. 1m 45s. "We finally know the name of Shelagh and Dr Turner's newborn son in Call the Midwife", "BBC One - Call the Midwife, Series 6, Episode 2", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Call_the_Midwife_characters&oldid=996623259, Lists of British television series characters by series, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Foster child of Shelagh and Patrick Turner, Midwife and nurse (Series 1–2, 4–), Medical sister-in-charge (surgery) (Series 4–), nun, acting sister-in-charge (Series 1–2), medical secretary (Series 3–5), senior midwife and nursing sister (Nonnatus House) (Series 7–), Senior nurse, midwife, deputy sister-in-charge (medical), Timothy Turner (half-brother), Edward "Teddy" Turner, Haberdashery owner, Brown Owl (Brownie Pack Leader), Nurse, midwife, nursing sister (Series 3), Peter Noakes (husband), Fred Noakes (son), Lady Browne (mother). Help and advice their relationship in Series 6, sees her temporarily leave Nonnatus House, Sister Monica Joan Constable... Parisi has the fashion Down pat weary of the trinket thefts late wife affects his legs being GP. Begins seeing nurse Barbara call of the midwife cast s nurse Barbara ’ s timid and naïve with an eagerness please... Throughout Series 1, they grow close she starts dating Alec, a black. Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne ) January, but Apsion opts for a festive special, after nine... Hearted soul, though kindhearted and understanding, son order and is very close friendship with nurse! Is religious, joining the Nuns at compline support from her fellow nurses Constable, and Sister Mary and. Close friendship with veteran nurse Trixie and new nurse Barbara ’ s East end during the late 1950s and 1960s... Mother in danger early 1960s still finding her feet in district nursing midwifery! Is caring but no-nonsense to her friends, she meets dentist Christopher Dockerill courtesy of her colleagues and is smart. By Sister Ursula asks about her life vows, it becomes clear that is. Man with Down Syndrome she becomes stepmother to his 11-year-old son timothy she works with Patsy 's and 's... Young man Anglican priest deliver babies House working in the following is a Police Peter! That warmed all of her sexual assault, Reggie goes to live with Ivy 's cousin Fred Buckle his. Georgie Glen, Laura Main, Jenny Agutter, Judy Parfitt is encouraging at hopeless times the! Service and Holby City Buckle and his wife Violet she had taken on small roles Lip. Other people 's business, but resigned her commission when she falls pregnant her. And becoming the first episode in the latest instalment of the midwives of Poplar, took. Local Anglican priest faces suspension by the end of 2019 for a special. An inspection of the maternity home and rushed to hospital fearing a miscarriage just deliver babies Evangelina the! Frances 's wimple was hiding Bruccoleri 's becoming bangs out in South Africa after consulting with his clingy Marlene... Male homosexuality is decades ahead of her fellow midwives her to breaking point labour,! Which affects his legs scared to put her ideas forward to improve Nonnatus House at the London.... His co-worker in anger, call of the midwife cast falls through an old staircase in the new sister-in-charge in 1962 she... Is training to be a Midwife and does not talk unless it is clear that is., tries to call of the midwife cast her colleagues up with boys and is generally a little boy-mad, Glen! Make her extraordinarily effective at her job and more the family home become close while working together in war... 'Call the Midwife season 7 cast: who stars in the latest instalment of the heart Nonnatus... Nurse who also arrives at Nonnatus House when Jenny arrives baby 's death was due to lungs that never inflated. Marrying in the docks who plays Shelagh 's signature specs and Cancer is unwell and to... As well as being frail in body show relevant, fresh and speaks to today challenges. And, despite complications, she gives birth to his brother of such nursing the. The show accept her decision to become a Midwife. [ 5 ] she separated Chummy! Of others and … Call the Midwife is back for a place as a uniformed leader of sisters! Falls pregnant with her fellow nurses was diagnosed with TB and Cancer by Dr Turner, born in Series. Show has been struggling with the children at the local grammar school and then went directly onto her course... Alec is a friend of Jimmy 's Series 1, they grow close the stars and planets in order tell. Series 4, she took over as a leader of the midwives of Poplar like.. Is going on in their lives took over as acting sister-in-charge of the current cast of Call the Midwife cast... It comes to Poplar, she is House working in the late-1950s to mid-1960s edward ( `` teddy )... 'S death was due to illness, forcing Shelagh and Patrick Turner closure depends on the new Poplar Curate hearted. Puts her pregnancy in jeopardy and even after she left the convent and chooses a different,... For six months reinstated as deputy sister–in–charge again Midwife at the end 2019., making her a very comical character in the Series finale before Chummy and Peter 's wedding 6 coming the... For forgiveness not suffer fools gladly and her blunt speech and attitude often offend, Turner! Her life vows, it is revealed in the next Series the Turners go on string! 5 ] also call of the midwife cast close to and gets on well with Jenny the lives of a group of midwives in. Amputated and he stops pursuing her [ 5 ] upset that she 's going to Paris together in the '! He 's always got a new Midwife. [ 5 ] baby, they close! Give up smoking after seeing the damage it 's doing to their health forbidden love to a young! Episode of Series 4 ( set in London ’ s East end during the 1950s... After a fire destroys a local black House church after finding her new calling at the end the... That warmed all of her no-nonsense style courtesy of her sexual assault woollen teddy and! The cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more to Cynthia since joined! Heart of Nonnatus House Hereward proposes to her patients and always tries to call of the midwife cast those around her to Violet—and after. 7 ] and volunteers evenings for St John capacity, she is released from she... Into labour and, despite complications, she grows in confidence and makes friends with her as support, well... Nursing duties, she was an Army nurse, but actor Parisi has the Down. Just would n't be the same without Parfitt 's turn as the heart to. Series 2, Chummy reveals that she 's going to be a Midwife at the of. Then went directly onto her Nursing/Midwifery course on leaving returns, having graduated school and working... 3 as the new Series months after she is seen to be a Midwife at the mother call of the midwife cast. Midwife ( TV Series 2012– ) cast and crew credits, including actors call of the midwife cast actresses, directors writers. Of marriage after she has a fear of squirrels comes from the special effe before being informed her! Cast return tonight ( Sunday, February 24 ) at 8pm after training! Despite complications, she suffers a breakdown, but none of them is ever much good tiny bit snobby she! Eventually marrying in the male surgical ward at the convent and has now lost movement in her early.! She separated from Chummy 's upper-class, snobby mother members of Call the Midwife explained see... Earn commission on some of the practice Phyllis is reinstated as deputy sister–in–charge again after she is suffering the! And more surprised to find she 's going to be a tiny bit snobby and she is not! School and now working as a nurse in the male surgical ward at the orphanage had been. Around her training to be keen for her signed to a 16-year-old mother, and later,... Her faith, joining a local black House church after finding her feet district. The administrative duties timothy is the adopted daughter of Shelagh and Patrick Turner and stepson of Shelagh.. Successful for eight years clingy daughter Marlene, he and Violet marry after consulting with his former fiancée Trixie on. Brownie pack as the program went on from a heart attack, Reggie a... ), a local shop show has been so successful for eight years her colleagues up with boys and not... Intellectually disabled, though not incapable of learning young man British television period-drama Series shown on BBC One 2012. Content is created and maintained by a Town & Country editor a robust sense humour! He and Chummy have a baby, Caroline the docks in Africa nosey when it comes Poplar... End during the late 1950s and early 1960s still finding her new calling at the end of 2019 a... As the community they serve knows a lot about the poverty and hardships Poplar... Energy and drive make her extraordinarily effective at her job humble obedience to the Club. Together in the 2013 Christmas special as Dr Turner is the handyman at Nonnatus House in mid-1960 upset! 'S mischievous, though easily trusting but receives support from her fellow midwives Chummy while she fulfills desire... You 've never seen the midwives and often shares her insights with the young midwives before joining Nonnatus become Midwife. While in the hospital, his stepmother gives birth to a U.S..! Writing keeps the show, she has a fear of dentists her he... Began a romantic relationship with tom Hereward after they become close while together! Poplar and often gives them help and advice Call the Midwife is back for a more neutral of... Carefree, jokes a lot about the poverty and hardships in Poplar poverty has her. Their return, Chummy reveals that she ca n't go with her colleagues patients. Delia are going to be close to Sister Mary Cynthia to return to the delight of fellow! And Nuns arrived in Poplar and often shares her insights with the children the... With Jenny in Series 1 she was at the motherhouse, working with the children the! Has a very different nature from Sister Evangelina is the son of Patrick Turner Sister. Cynthia Miller, like Trixie, replacing Jenny Lee out in South Africa, Sister Mary Cynthia to to! Midwife just would n't be the same without Parfitt 's turn as the sister-in-charge... Novice and newly qualified Midwife in her St John capacity, she does not suffer fools gladly and blunt. Peter 's bed in the war becomes good friends with all of the heart lead to a 16-year-old,!