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Proclaim Your Identity and Allegiance to Christ!
(Every time you send e-mail, your address proclaims your belief in Christ)
Communicate However You Like!
(With Web-based or optional POP E-mail, read below for more info)
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With your own e-mail account, there's no need for you to ever worry about your e-mail communications again. And, it's at an address you can feel confident about distributing to your friends, family, and even your work or business associates!

With your email account you can choose an address such as or whatever you'd like. It's yours. Included with your e-mail account is?

  • 10 Giga-Bytes of data storage. That is the equivalent to? well, a lot of messages! Actually, with an average size e-mail of 50kb, you could store approximately 200,000 messages!
  • Optional services including POP, SMTP, & IMAP access. This means you can use Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, or any other POP-compatible e-mail reader to retrieve your messages and read or store them on your own computer.
  • Web-based e-mail. Don't have a computer? Travel a lot? That's okay. Because with web-based e-mail you can get your messages anywhere there's a computer and an internet connection (perhaps even at your local library or coffee shop).

But, that's not all: your e-mail account with also provides you with peace of mind knowing that your e-mail address is safe with us. Why? Because will not rent, sell, or otherwise give out your name and contact information.

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...or call 405-200-1692 and leave a message with your phone number and question. We'll return your call ASAP.

You can also send mail to us at:
520 W Main St
Oklahoma City, OK


Neither will we send you advertisements or junk e-mail from somebody else (no matter how hard they beg!). We know the last thing you need is another e-mail account that is automatically bombarded with advertisements and junk e-mail. The only junk email you will get is from the companies you give your email address to.

With your email account, you also get...

  • Junk mail protection with SpamShield Pro. You can easily set up filters within your account to transfer email from unwanted addresses to your delete folder, and you can also block email addresses.
  • Email notification. You can receive a notice at another email address when you have new mail.
  • Check other email accounts. You can set your email to retrieve mail from any other POP3 enabled email account you may already have.
  • Auto response. You can setup a message that will automatically notify people who are emailing you that you have successfully received their message.
  • Personal signature. You can add/customize a signature line that will be appended at the bottom of every email you send out.
  • Time zone. You can specify your own time zone.

However, perhaps even more important than the great features offered to you with your own email address is the opportunity to use a common tool like e-mail to promote and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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Every time you send an e-mail with the web-mail interface, a short message will be inserted at the end of your email telling your receiver to visit to learn how to begin their relationship with Jesus. That means if you send 10 messages every month, you have automatically provided an opportunity for 10 or more persons to be saved from the bondage of sin into a relationship with Christ, every month!

In order to better spread the Good News of Christ, you can currently sign up for this service ABSOLUTELY FREE! However, due to inflation, rising costs, or other events out of our control, we may not be able to offer it free forever, so take advantage now while you can!