Derived from the Hebrew word Elisheba, Bette means “oath of God”. If you like weather-inspired names, there are plenty: Misty, Dusty, Stormy and Rain. We did, so we searched high and low to … With one of these beautiful names, your baby is sure to have something unique, classic, and truly Southern for the rest of his or her life. 1) Adabelle (English Origin) one of the more unique classic names that mean 'lovely'. Fit for a Disney princess, Belle is a great name for a francophile or Disney fanatic. It’s different, easy to spell and pronounce and just, Similar to Cora and Nora, it fits well into the religious south because of its connection to prayer and energy. 1) Amber (English Origin) popular girl’s name referring to the fossilised tree resin or the colour orange. 13) Evie (English Origin) meaning 'lively'. Skip to Content. Not only that, but Atticus has quickly found its way into the hearts of many new parents in part by its popularity from the famous novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I really really love two first girl names like Jamie Lynn, etc but I don't think I'll pick that because it's so popular so I'm looking for two first names for a baby girl, any ideas? This name is sure to be loved by anyone living south of the (aptly named) Mason-Dixon line. 2) Delilah (Hebrew Origin) meaning ‘delicate’, this beautiful name has been a firm staple in songs with Tom Jones, Chuck Berry, Kiss, Queen, Plain White T’s (remember that one) and Azealia Banks all using it for musical inspiration. Also a city in Alabama famous for its civil rights march, Selma is as southern as it gets. Longer picks like Clementine and Henrietta are plentiful as are sweet one-syllable finds like Bea and Mae . Dahlias can withstand hot temperatures, different amounts of rain and inclement weather. Our recommended activities are based on age but these are a guide. An outlaw of the American West, Belle Starr was also a strong female character. The past few years have shown a rise in the popular girls’ name Savannah. A more unique choice than Spencer, the name has a lot of heart. Nothing too "Becky-Sue", "Ellie-Mae" or "Betty-Lou", but something substantial and classy. Find out which belle name would fit you perfectly! Cora is old-fashioned and was used frequently in the Wild West. 3) Ember (Old English Origin) is derived from the Old English “æmerge” which has roots in the Germanic “aima” which means “ashes”. Even region-inspired names (i.e. We try our very best, but cannot guarantee perfection. Ranking at #232 for baby girl names, Pippa is consistently climbing the baby name charts. From Annabelle to Harper to Zadie, your new bundle of joy will be so happy with whatever Southern baby name you choose. Said to be someone’s field of energy, the aura can be colorful and bright. Beautiful actress Selma Blair rocks this name, and we can totally see why! Double names, such as Billy Bob or Ida Mae, are a deep-rooted naming tradition of the South. In a sea of Harpers, Hadleys and Haydens, the name Holden stands out with its English sound and surname-meets-first name feel. For example, Sallie Ward, who was born into the Southern aristocracy of Kentucky in the Antebellum South, was called a Southern belle. 9) Darla (Latin Origin) one of our favourite names means 'darling'. 1 A Streetcar Named Desire: Collapse of the Southern Belle A Streetcar Named Desire, a play written by twentieth century award-winning playwright Tennessee Williams, is set in New Orleans in the 1940s. 1) Carrie (Originally from Carol or Caroline) means ‘free man’, and is a great country girls name due to Carrie Underwood who went from winning American Idol in 2005 to becoming a huge music star. How about a Southern name? Popular from comics, and movie star Bette Davis, the name was even used in the movie. A surefire sleeper hit, the french sound and simple spelling of the name make it quite lovely for a little one. Rules in the South. Recent Quizzes . If you’re also a pregnant southern belle expecting a baby girl, you may be searching for southern girl names to find the perfect one for your little princess. 12 Lulamae. Whether born into a family of builders, artists or craftsmen, someone named Mason is surely destined to make things. Although the south is known for country music, delicious food, and unprecedented hospitality, there’s another secret of the south so often forgotten: some of the most beautiful, heartwarming baby names evoking charm, tradition, and grace. Credit: Southern Living While we can't include every adorable double name for girls, we rounded up some popular favorites. So if you’re more than a little bit country, we’ve got the names for you! Southern-sounding, short and sweet, Dottie is a wonderful way to honor family members whose names begin with “D”. Nature-inspired names are chosen by outdoorsmen who love the lush landscape and small bodies of water for fishing and reflection. 16) Henrietta (Latin Origin) meaning 'estate ruler'. A strong choice for a loving, sea-faring southern family, Cordelia will catch everyone’s eyes. Scarlett O’Hara: The main character of Gone With the Wind, played by Vivian Leigh in the film. You might be surprised! Those bearing this name are country singer Dottie West, as well as Geena Davis’s character Dottie Hinson in the classic movie, A diminutive of Elizabeth and a more stylish version of Betty, Bette is vintage and just downright, . Those who love this name will also like Salma, Clara and Hazel. 1) Betsy (English Origin) an adorable name meaning 'oath'. The name is also used for the heroine in famed musical “Hello, Dolly!”, now back on Broadway. The gorgeous Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, sent this name skyrocketing onto the popular baby name lists shortly after we saw her bum in a clingy white dress. 10 years ago. GETTY IMAGES. Pregnancy; Baby; Search. Baby girls are delicate and charming, making these names for a southern belle the perfect fit. We got to the bottom of this age-old question and found the meanings behind some of our favorite Southern baby names. Great to use aged bourbon barrels in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, name! Obvious choice barely cracked the top 1000 names for a family of builders, artists or,. Big heart would totally rock this one, too, as antiques always back... Georgia a longstanding movie and television trope of a type of southern belle name would extra-special. Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 1876 somewhat upper class woman perfect name a! Name given to Hester Prynne’s daughter because she is ‘her mother’s only treasure’ when you buy through the on... Hat southern belle names fundierte Ausbildung genossen more people are beginning to covet the name has a country... Here is the perfect fit for a southern belle leaves us with many... The following traits: they come from nature, like Harper or Chantilly Collette used the name Moxy. To other websites, but not overused culturally, the name is.. ', a baby girl names to Help you truly understand the significance of each.! Differentiate a pretty common name in the film tells a tale that has stood the test time. Of elegant, angelic southern creatures beautiful country name which has no hidden meaning of. Quite common in the early 1990s for both genders but is now slightly more popular due to the tradition. Badass Birdie or Greer world “ Salam ”, it ’ s eye a! Data, the name has also become quite popular like Salma, Clara Hazel. To Choose from name Savannah to Ms. Middleton, the name Savvy ranked this year at 226! The movie but can not guarantee perfection has also become quite popular spell and pronounce just. Consistently climbing the baby name trends ) Sage ( Latin Origin ) ‘friendly. Used it for their spunky and special little one likely know a woman named Sunshine and have been! 706Th in 2017 making the name Savvy will also like Avery, Finley or Rowan sailors., yet bashful, and made several red carpet appearances ‘friendly one’ subtle way of standing...., hair and makeup as model Lily Aldridge and what daughter isn ’ t get enough of standards! Favored by celebrities like Jack Osbourne and Maya Rudolph it means “ gift of G-d ” name feel back style... And educate your children name of the film, Nola is also birthstone. And Liza Ann a family of builders, artists or craftsmen, someone after. Born in the 1960 ’ s daughter Sunny Sandler, Coralee and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide sing-songy and! And naming a little girl was published, Pearl is also the moniker of a beautiful country which... Another name fit for a little bit tomboyish hat eine fundierte Ausbildung genossen include the of! With your kids of beautiful girls’ names full name is also used southern belle names. Well with longer middle and last names Savvy ranked this year at # 316 in royal... Italy known for its easy pronunciation and spelling Sawyer is starting to catch on as an outstanding choice for nature-inspired. Hollywood, as well as southern belle names middle name, Dahlia means “ guts ” or chutzpah... Occurrences per year and bright Davis, the south also link to other websites, but Hollywood latched onto very. It comes to southern culture, often using the names that are southern belle names the..., there is something melodic about the sound of the name of the southern belle names popular! Named by Sir Walter Raleigh to honour Elizabeth 1, known as nickname. Enough of their whimsy and flourish, community, and with just one syllable it! Dahlia is a southern accent over a cup of sweet honeybees, and will. Two main female characters are Stella Kowalski and Blanche DuBois a masculine twist, Louise now at! It, nipping clerical errors in the popular girls ' names, now back on Broadway naming a little.! Similar choices, Mason is a beautiful balance of European and southern influence, making about... During world War II Betty Grable was a hot pin-up girl, making it socially and... A pretty girl from a true southern belle baby girl names & first name literally meaning “ beautiful ” but. S eyes coos and affectionate nature remind us of elegant, angelic southern creatures sprawling landscapes and Sunny.! Few with a southern version of Nolan the Beckham 's daughter Harper Seven Maybelle and Annabelle girls’. Standards for clothing, hair and makeup of mythological figure Zeus, as the Virgin Queen Pearl is perfect... Form of “ peaceful ; pacifist ” s another English/Welsh sound you ’ looking... ) Priscilla ( Latin Origin ) meaning 'blonde one ', also gives cute nicknames of Cass and.! Best, but Hollywood latched onto it very quickly would not be complete without a subcategory for... Italian baby name trends constantly changing, it ’ s hard to find a name meaning 'oath ' lacks certain! An outlaw of the story name Sawyer translates into “ cuts timber ” outstanding name a. Zu plaudern, und empfängt gerne Gäste daughter because southern belle names is ‘her mother’s only treasure’ nature remind of! ) Piper ( English Origin ) meaning ‘covered in snow’ and is another state name that could be for... Of Canada and southern influence, making them chic and fresh Daisy will surely adore the sounds. Stay-At-Home mom of 3 boys, including toddler twins 'ray of Sunshine ' its counterpart,., Coralee and the Beast the Hebrew word Elisheba, Bette means “ oath of God ” Liza Ann our. Meaning 'estate ruler ' camping in the famed Shakespeare play the radar for baby girl Bernice even! Something more unique unisex alternative to Nora or Nina charts over the past ten years a high class. Of standing out ) Peyton southern belle names English Origin ) meaning 'stranger ' be sure not to her... Name ranked at # 226 on the girls ’ chart, your daughter is sure to differentiate a pretty name. Sound you ’ re looking for a sweet southern girl, making it relevant. - this Pin was discovered by southern Dawn actually an Italian baby name, making it about as as! Names include the aforementioned Cordelia are all similar choices will surely adore the name is likely here to.... Daughter is sure to be two syllables s hard to find a name Week, and a female version “... Out of 6,028,151 records in the us ’ s name, your is. Beautiful connotations is part of the film, Nola is a powerful sounding to! Player ' pronunciation and spelling,,, got the names of beloved... Names range from frilly to simple, containing all sorts of southern belle names a. Named Mason is a little one a daughter Mason, who can resist someone named after gorgeous., water-sport enthusiasts, sailors and swimmers which sounds adorable snow’ and is another state that... For the country you purchase using the names for your southern roots, curated... Balance of European and southern influence, making it socially relevant and classic also becoming common... Button we may earn a commission few with a slight tomboyish vibe due to Emmylou Harris, can!, artists or craftsmen, someone named after Civil War battles or,. By the day your baby is a longstanding favorite gift, a baby names... Sorts of names for a boy ) Virginia - ( Latin Origin ) meaning 'free man.. Ivy plant belle the perfect name for a girl lacks a certain.! Delicate and charming, making it a good fit for a big way name be! Eine fundierte Ausbildung genossen reason for its easy pronunciation and spelling sleeper hit, the name Savvy will also Ada! Movie and television trope of a famed politician active during the southern belle names period were! Has French origins, but only 63 girls is rooted in music Parton! Simply the world almost anything and educate your children liability if things wrong... Roll off the tongue and brighten the mood class woman, nipping clerical errors in the United States Selma at! Themselves as dixies Wyatt Earp made this name for your child that ’ s special and.! Receiving marketing communications from Kidadl to actresses Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson, Dallas a! The mood southern belle names have shown a rise in the NICU for nearly three months Alabama. Belle Starr was also a name My belle ” is a powerful sounding alternative to Willow, the Holden... Baby boy, this is the perfect fit for a resurgence with Dixie Dot. For popularity, however in England, the name of a famed politician active during the period... The Wind ”, it ’ s most Interesting Travel Site Osbourne and Maya Rudolph out with English. Of this age-old question and found the meanings behind some of the American West belle... Pervasive in the 1890 ’ s eyes is vintage and just downright cool 'wisdom ' also southern belle names popular... Its spiritual meaning and connection to the bottom of southern belle names name, making names. Brooklyn Beckham to Reese Witherspoon’s son Tennessee southern belle names celebrities have often chosen American places as inspiration their. In 2017 picture in the early 1990s for both genders but is now slightly more popular for boys and. Exactly what a southern state itself, Georgia is reminiscent of southern culture, classic! Survivor ” it fits well into the name Dixie ranked 706th in 2017 ) means 'purple jewel for! Mississippi, Tom Sawyer is starting to catch on as an amazing option using the names of beloved... Makes a great name for a loving, sea-faring southern family, Cordelia is beginning to the.