The weather remains cloudy and dark, hampering the view of the valley. Best time to visit Chopta with clear, pleasant and warm days. Plan your trip to Chopta with the latest information on best time to visit, current weather in Chopta, user reviews, photos, map and travel destinations near Chopta. It is recommended to consult local experts before venturing here during monsoon. Chopta photos and images are from professional photographers, tourists and Team eUttaranchal pics. Also find out attractions, weather, nightlife, festivals, sightseeing, maps & photos of Chopta at Summer Season in Chopta: The summer season of Chopta runs through the months of March, April and May. Call +91- 9760923032, 9458970727 Chopta in Winters: Serenity and solitude are at its best during winters at Chopta. Chopta is actually at a significant altitude of 2680 metres compared to 1500 odd in Gopeshwar where we were in the morning. Chopta experiences monsoon in the months of July and August. With temperatures averaging between 10 - 32°C, Chopta is a dream destination during summer. The destination has the most beautiful sightseeing of Uttrakhand with a 30 kms long trek also from Chopta to Chandrashila Peak.. We also suggest you book your stay with us in chopta Tungnath valley and enjoy the real Himalayas. Chopta is easily accessible by a motorable road. is an online travel marketplace that connects travelers with travel agents who are experts in the specific destinations, services, and experiences that travelers are looking for. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Chopta, Uttarakhand, India. //